• Robert Cartolano
    Associate Vice President, Digital Programs and...
    Columbia University
    "Fedora is the foundation of Columbia's digital preservation storage system. We chose Fedora in order to preserve and make accessible our digital collections because we can leverage the flexibility of the system for a wide variety of uses, and because we can work...
  • Tom Cramer
    Chief Technology Strategist and Associate...
    Stanford University
    "We needed a core technology underneath Hydra, our application framework for curation and digital collections. We chose Fedora; it serves as a solid, robust 'body' for our many application 'heads', each of which complements Fedora's innate asset...
  • Thornton Staples
    Director of Research and Scientific Data...
    The Smithsonian Institution
    "The Smithsonian, like most universities and research institutions, is no where near ready to curate research data. We need to systematically provide for actual data management first. Given the resources that we have, we will have to depend on the researchers to manage...
  • Mark Leggott
    University Librarian
    University of Prince Edward Island
    "We have become so adept at using Fedora that it is our "go-to" tool, particularly because we have developed Islandora on top of it. Fedora drastically improves our ability to load our collections and our highly skilled knowledge base staff understand how to make...
  • Robin Ruggaber
    Chief Technical Officer
    University of Virginia Library
    "We are not resourced to do what we need to do by our institution. The Fedora open source development process provides a leadership example for how we can accomplish other types of work. A collaborative consortial approach to meeting strategic needs provides us with extra...
  • Robin Ruggaber
    Chief Technical Officer
    University of Virginia Library
    "We see Fedora as our repository service model that is scalable for all of our born digital and archival content. Fedora is a central part of our repository architecture.”

Fedora 4 Hackfest

On May 12 in Asheville, NC developers will come together to collaborate on the Fedora 4.0 beta release and make it shine! Get the details here.