Table of Contents

  1. Fedora Software Distribution
  2. Fedora Digital Objects
  3. Fedora Repository
  4. Fedora Repository Web Service Interfaces
  5. Fedora Framework Services
  6. Fedora Clients
  7. Tutorials

1. Fedora Software Distribution

  1. Release Notes
  2. Installation and Configuration Guide
  3. Upgrade and Migration Guide
  4. Distribution Structure
  5. Fedora License & Copyright
  6. Java Doc
  7. Report on Fedora 2.2 Performance Testing
  8. Summary of Major Features

2. Fedora Digital Objects

  1. Fedora Digital Object Model
    1. Digital Object Identifiers and URIs
    2. Datastreams
    3. Disseminators using local services or web services
    4. Digital Object Relationships
  2. Fedora Object XML (FOXML)

3. Fedora Repository

  1. New Features in Release 2.2

    1. Web Application - Fedora repackaged and re-factored as a standard Web Application aRchive (.war)
    2. Fedora Installer - an easy way to get a "quick" or "custom" installation/setup of Fedora
    3. Security Architecture - Servlet Filters for Authentication - easy to use and portable among application containers
    4. Search Service Integration - configure with repository to provide index/search for any type of datastream or dissemination of objects
    5. Datastream Integrity Features - checksum creation and comparisons
    6. Journaling - create a backup or mirror repository
    7. Resource Index - performance upgrade and new triplestore plug-in option (MPTStore)
    8. Many new enhancements! (see: Release Notes)
  2. Standard Repository Features

    1. Service-oriented architecture
    2. Repository access and management via web services
    3. Versioning
    4. XML-based Ingest and Export
      1. FOXML Ingest Example
      2. METS Ingest Example
    5. XML-based Digital Object Storage
    6. Basic Search
    7. Basic OAI Provider Interface
    8. RDF-based Resource Index with Search
    9. Security Architecture - XACML-based Policy Enforcement
      1. Writing XACML Policies for Fedora
      2. Policy Validation Utility
      3. Reload Policies Utility
    10. Server Command Line Utilities
    11. Repository Rebuilder Utility
    12. Backend Security for Remote Service Callbacks
    13. Reporting Utility
    14. and more!
  3. Fedora Repository - Web Service Interfaces

    1. API-A: Fedora Access Service (SOAP) [WSDL]
    2. API-A-LITE: Fedora Access Service (REST) [WSDL] [User Guide]
    3. API-A-M: Fedora Management Service (SOAP) [WSDL]
    4. API-A-M-LITE: Fedora Management Service (REST) [WSDL] [User Guide] (a work in progress)
    5. Basic Search: Repository Search via API-A-Lite (REST): [User Guide]
    6. Basic OAI: Simple OAI-PMH Provider (REST): [User Guide]
    7. RISearch: Resource Index Search (REST): [User Guide]

4. Fedora Framework Services

  1. Generic Search Service (GSearch)
     A service to index datastreams and disseminations with a Lucene or Zebra backend
  2. Directory Ingest Service (DirIngest)
    A service to ingest directories of files into Fedora
    • SIP Creator
      A GUI for preparing SIPs for use with DirIngest
  3. OAI Provider Service (PROAI)
    A service for a configurable, flexible OAI Provider

5. Fedora Clients

  1. Fedora Administrator (Java client application)
  2. Command-Line Utilities
  3. Access via Browser
  4. Community-developed clients (see: Fedora Tools)

6. Fedora Tutorials

  1. Tutorial 1: Introduction--Basic Concepts in Fedora
  2. Tutorial 2: Getting Started--Creating Fedora Objects and Using Disseminators